An Interruption in My Pleas

For those of you wondering where I currently live, check out the video below.  For those from California who are as ignorant about east coast geography as I once was, Arlington is located just across the river from DC in a region of the country known as the Mid-Atlantic.  This time of year, I’d like to call this area of the country, “back sweat.”  

And if you are Tina Fey NPH, feel free to return the favor and stalk me around my hood.  I’ve made a miniature version of my script, and I hide it in my bra like a dirty stripper with dolla dolla bills, so when I finally do see you, I’ll be prepared to astound you with my genius.  Discover me!


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Filed under Life, Musical Obsessions, Plea to NPH, Plea to Tina Fey

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