10 Days for NPH — Day Nine

When I was growing up, my pops often watched American movies to improve his English.  One of his favorite American actors is Clint Eastwood.  Back in the day, Clint Eastwood was a certifiable bad-ass, starring in iconic films such as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and Unforgiven.  In films (other than The Bridges of Madison County), Eastwood is a man’s man—one who knew how to wield a weapon, could chase down bad guys via car or horse, and could beat you into submission with a single glance.

Naturally, in my childhood, I thought that American men emulated Clint Eastwood.  That all men desired to be Dirty Harry, if you will.  And who wouldn’t want to be Dirty Harry?  He’s a freaking bad-ass:

Dirty Harry

Image Link

But, as time has passed, and my childhood quickly spilled into my 20s, I realized that the image of the strong American male has indeed changed.  The definition of strength has evolved.  Long ago, packing a weapon on the hip was a symbol of strength.  But today, men don’t care about packing heat.  Men care about packing electronics.

Dirty Harry?  Meet Joe Blackberry.

Joe Blackberry

Image Link

For example, on my ride to work today on the Metro, I saw dozens of men packing e-heat, enticing me with their sexy and sleek electronics.  I could barely contain myself as these men removed the Blackberries from their hip and seduced me with the quick movements of their thumbs.  I growled in anticipation.  I mean, is there anything sexier than a man who is perpetually attached to work, is capable of responding to emails within seconds, and has defined thumb muscles?  I think not.  

Perhaps the only competition for the modern Joe Blackberry are the hubby and HGG (Hot Gay Guy).  Speaking of HGGs . . . 

NPH, the HGGImage Link

I have no idea where I’m going with this post, but it enabled me to post an awesome picture of NPH.  Discover me, Tina Fey NPH!!


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  1. Nice info, usefull for me.. thanks a lot…. 🙂

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