About Alexis Nectar

I’m a twenty-something attorney currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area who dreams about becoming a writer for Tina Fey & NPH.

The blog has evolved into a declaration of my admiration for Tina Fey & NPH (and an ongoing job application to be on Tina Fey or NPH’s staff).  Here and there, the blog will also reflect on other things of interest to me.  Call it the 4 Ps of Alexis Nectar:

1.  Pop culture — People perceive attorneys as intellectuals with no souls who smell foul.  When I’m not being the butt of lawyer jokes, I enjoy keeping up on my pop culture.  Whether it’s Brit Brit’s latest comeback, Amy Winehouse’s latest “hit,” or celebrity X’s latest coming out party, I want to know.  Because my life is boring.  And sleazy magazines are not.

2.  Politics — Having lived in DC, coupled with the stupidity of the GOP ticket has made it nearly impossible for me to contain myself with thoughts about the train wreck that was the Palin/McCain ticket.

3.  Pontification — Just a catch-all category for bitching.  I’m not uber-confrontational.  Hence this blog.  It allows me to bitch without actually facing the target of my bitchiness.  You’ve got a problem with that?  Take it up elsewhere, please.  Because I might cry if you don’t.

4.  Pleas to Tina Fey & NPH — It’s no secret that Tina Fey & NPH are my comedic heros.  If, by some stroke of extreme and undeserved luck, I get to meet Tina Fey or NPH, I will unveil my latest manuscript and convince them to mentor my budding comedic prowess.  That’s what happens in my dream anyways.  Course, there’s also that dream where I shit myself upon meeting them.  I don’t like that dream.  Now that I have finished my 30 Rock and HIMYM spec scripts, I am devoting this blog to checking off one of the items in my bucket list — getting Tina Fey & NPH to read my script.  Discover Me, Tina Fey & NPH!

And no.  Alexis Nectar is not a real name.  If it was my name, you can be sure that I would be a working “actress” in the Valley with double-G knockers paired with FMBs.

Happy reading folks.


2 responses to “About Alexis Nectar

  1. desiresinspiration

    I too am a Tina Fay lover… where has she been my whole life?

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