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Polebrity Crush — Obama’s Cabinet of Hotties

President-elect Obama is at it again.  Not only has he made history by changing the landscape of American politics, he’s also compiling quite the impressive Cabinet.  Adding Hillary was a plus.  Adding Rahm as his right-hand man was impressive and appealing to this writer’s eye.  He recently nominated Elena Kagan of Harvard Law School — who singlehandedly almost made me pull the trigger and make a donation — almost, thanks for saving me money Barack!

And now, to add to the aesthetically pleasing rating of his Cabinet, Obama is set to nominate CNN’s Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General.  Take a look at this neurosurgeon hottie:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (growl)

Be still my heart.  Who would have thought that Obama would take a cue from Grey’s Anatomy and nominate a hot-ass doctor to be Surgeon General?  (For the record, I’m a McDreamy over McSteamy person).  Perhaps Barack figured that more Americans would listen to a hot doc than a not-so-hot doc?  Hell, works for me.  If Dr. Gupta appeared in a couple weeks and told me that I need to drop my pint of Ben & Jerry’s, get out of the indentation I’ve made in my couch, hit the gym, and give up artificial sweeteners, I just might listen.  But only if he flashes those pearly whites.  I mean, who would you rather have give you a physical?  Dr. Gupta or your current doc?  Yeah, me too.

Thanks Barack.  Not only have you given me hope for the next four years, you’ve made following politics a whole hell of a lot more aesthetically pleasing.  Rahm, Sanjay — you need one more hottie to complete the trifecta!


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Homage to Tina Fey

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In what promises to be the first of a series of skits demonstrating the asinine nature of the nomination of Sarah Palin, please find my comedic idol’s return to SNL.

This skit has reinvigorated my attempt to locate Tina Fey and use my powers of gentle persuasion (aka hypnosis) to become part of her inner circle.  As detailed in prior postings, I have already begun my search for Ms. Fey.  However, the seach has thus far come up empty.  I now realize that the passing moments in a day that I devote to this endeavor simply will not rise to the level required to accomplish this gargantuan task.  I must eat, drink, and sleep the meeting with Tina Fey.

I must make like Merrill Lynch and convince Tina Fey to acquire me in a multi-billion dollar acquisition.  In fact, if you’re reading this–I’ll take less than Merrill Lynch.  I don’t need $50 billion.  I don’t even need $1 billion (although if you want to give that to me, hell yeah!).  Just give me the call and I will pack up my desk to plant myself wherever you wish.  Discover me Tina Fey!

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