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30 Rock – Season 3 – Do-Over

Season 3 of 30 Rock premiered last Thursday — did everyone watch???

Tina Fey, you made your plea to never again have to play Sarah Palin on SNL.  I responded to that call with vigor and determination, helping to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  In return, I don’t ask for much.  Only that you save me from my life of boredom and desolate doom.  No biggie.  Discover me, Tina Fey!


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A few thoughts from BFF:

Tonight I had the honor and privilege of watching the presidential election results at a campaign office for a local African-American candidate in Los Angeles.  The office was located in South Los Angeles, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the geography of this city, the area is more notoriously known as “South Central Los Angeles” – the site of the devastating riots in the early 1990s.  Forgive me for the cliche, however it was really a night that will forever be ingrained in my memory.

As we watched Barack Obama’s electoral tally creep up to 270, you could sense the anticipation and tension in the room growing.  People were mesmerized by the possibility that an African-American could be the leader of the free world.  When he blew past 270, I finally came to realize what this election meant.  This was not about economic stimulus plans or smoking out caves in Afghanistan or what defines a maverick.  As a child of refugees who has lived a relatively comfortable life, I was humbled by what I saw.  Grown men and women – who endured that “separate but equal” society for decades – dropped to their knees in joy and disbelief.  Their tears were uncontrollable.  Their hope insurmountable.  Strangers of all ethnicities hugged and kissed each other like they had known each other for years.  I even had a 300-lb African-American male pick me up and almost suffocate me in a bear hug.  No joke, these are things you just don’t see in Los Angeles.  This was my civil rights lesson.

To me though, the most moving moment of this night came from a conversation I overhead amidst all the festivities.  A small boy, maybe 5 years old, said to his father, “He’s like me.”  We just elected a man of mixed heritage, raised by a single mother, from a poor background, with no “royal” American lineage to be President of the United States.

And to you Sarah Palin, you should choose your words more carefully.  Yes, you just got beat by a community organizer.

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A Part of History

Last night, I saw in America what drove my parents to travel across the world to immigrate to this amazing country.  What propelled them to leave everything they knew so their children could have more.  In America, I saw the immense opportunity, hope, and a chance for prosperity that can emanate from no other country.  I saw a country stand together, learning from the atrocities of the past, to perpetuate real change through simple, hard, work.

I’ve voted in a total of 3 presidential elections since I became a citizen of this great nation.  In the first two, I saw my candidate lose.  And in those 8 years, I’ve seen America lose its shine; lose its standing in the world; lose its hope and lose its integrity.  But in these last couple of years, I have regained that hope.  The world is crying in joy that America can once again establish its foothold as the moral compass of the world.  That America can lead the world into the next decade and beyond.

I cannot wait for January 20, 2009.  The day could not come any sooner.  Last night, during Barack’s speech, chills ran up and down my spine.  I sat in awe at his delivery.  At the hope for which he represents.  At the millions of people all over this country and this world rejoicing for this historical event.

Barack Obama.  We did it.  Yes we did.

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Let’s Make History

Tomorrow, the hubby and I will stand outside in the cold to poll watch and be a part of history.  Decades from now, when our children and our children’s children look through their history books, they’ll see how Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, brought hope to a hopeless world, and changed the direction of the world.

And in a footnote, there will be a shout out to me and the hubby for poll watching.  Yeah baby!


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Ron Livingston Urges You to Vote EARLY!

Ron Livingston, aka Peter Gibbons of Office Space, urges you to vote early for change.  With just a few days left to vote early (to free yourself to work for change on election day), now is the time to get up off your seat and make a difference.

If you can take the day off on election day, I urge you to do so.  The Obama campaign can surely use additional volunteers to monitor polls, make telephone calls etc.  Your assistance in this endeavor could make all the difference.  Besides, why would you want to go to work?  See Peter Gibbons and Co. in action to inspire you to take the day off and avoid this mental breakdown:

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Vote or Goats Will Die!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I possess the powers of Hiro Nakamura.  I traveled to the future and obtained this video, which shows just what will happen if I don’t vote this year.  So come on people, don’t forget to vote!  I’ll probably vote this weekend via absentee ballot, since I’ll be working the polls in the freezing cold on the 4th.  If I can stand outside and withstand blistering winds for 15 hours, you can go stand in line for a half hour.  So VOTE!

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Powell’s Articulate Bitch Slap of Johnny Mac and the Moron

I realize this happened eons ago (in political time), but I thought I’d finally post Colin Powell’s “Meet the Press” interview, in which General Powell basically bitch slaps McCain and his little moron too.

I’d like to briefly discuss General Powell’s remarks regarding Johnny Mac’s responses to supporters who accuse Senator Obama of being an Arab.  I share his concerns.  Since September 11, 2001, Americans have felt at liberty to attack the Muslim world, equating everything Arab/Islamic/Muslim/Middle Eastern with “terrorist.”  Civil liberties have taken a back seat to these outbursts of hate.  Not too long ago, the American government took similar steps against Japanese Americans, forcing them into internment camps — essentially imprisoning these individuals on the basis of their appearance, with absolutely no due process.  Rosa Parks was ordered to move to the back of the bus.  Today, on the bases of hate and fragmented information, the masses are uniting to kick entire groups of individuals off the bus entirely.  No one looks back at these instances in American history with pride.  Should those stains in the history of an otherwise proud nation be ignored?  Or should we learn from the atrocities committed in the past to ensure that American values are properly respected for all individuals?  General Powell discussed a photograph, which I’ve posted below.  Words need not be said.

Photo:  Platon

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