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Palin is a Complete Moron: Part V

You had to know this was coming.  The idiot known as Sarah Palin once again got trumped by the woman formerly known as “America’s Sweetheart.”  This time, Palin was asked to name any Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with, other than Roe v. Wade, in the ENTIRE HISTORY of America.  I give you the eloquence that is Sarah Palin:

And just for good measure, I submit to you Palin’s thought process immediately after this question.

Oh geez.  Katie Couric, you are a nasty bitch!  Why you and your liberal elite.  Good thing I don’t have my shotgun or you’d be sorry!  Supreme Court.  Hmm . . . Brown v. Board?  Wasn’t that a Supreme Court case?  Did I disagree with that?  What was that about?  Oh ya, I know.  Shit.  I can’t use that one.  Um . . . federalism!  I’ll talk about federalism!

I’ve heard quite a few pundits arguing that the question really was not fair and that most people in the US would not be able to identify any Supreme Court decisions they disagreed with.  To all of you, I entirely disagree.  It’s not that Palin was simply unable to identify the Supreme Court reporter names of the cases, but she couldn’t even articulate, in generalities, any case that caused her concern.  This demonstrates a complete lack of concern for issues of national importance.  Moreover, to let her off the hook because most other Americans cannot answer this question is completely off-base.  Most other Americans are not running for a position that will enable them to have significant input (or if Daddy Mac died, supreme input) into choosing new Justices for the Court.  For Palin to be so out of touch with what the Court actually decides demonstrates, yet again, that not only is she lacking the intelligence to occupy the Vice-Presidency, but she doesn’t even possess the minimum intellectual curiousity that any individual running for public office should have.

And for the record — as for recent decisions, I take issue with DC v. Heller, the case in which the Supreme Court essentially found certain DC regulations for firearms to be a violation of the Constitution.

Here’s a hint next time this question is asked, Palin — a couple easy cases would be Plessy v. Ferguson and Dred Scott v. Sandford.  Talk about those cases, lick your finger and swirl it in the air, and bam!  You’re qualified!


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Palin is a Complete Moron: Part IV

I’d like to stop blogging about Sarah Palin.  Really.  But every single day, I am faced with yet another display of stupidity — stupidity of monumental proportions — that I cannot help myself.  Palin met again with Katie Couric, who has unwittingly become the downfall of the GOP ticket, without Daddy Mac by her side.  Couric, who, according to conservatives, is a liberal media elite hell-bent on asking “Gotcha” questions, asked:

What newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for [the VP nomination] to stay informed and to understand the world?

Palin’s response?  Well, I’ll let you watch for yourself.  Let the cringing begin:

So here are Palin’s responses:

1.  Most of them.

2.  All of them.

3.  Any of them that have been in front of me.

Damn.  I can’t even script a worse answer than that.  Bitch can’t identify a single newspaper she read before Daddy Mac “vetted” her for the Vice-Presidency?  If Katie Couric asked me that question, I would, without hesitation, tell her that I read the online versions of the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the LA Times.  And for good measure, I also read partisan publications such as Salon and Slate.  And I do not believe I’m anywhere near qualified to be VP.

To be fair, that really was a “Gotcha” question.  I mean, seriously.  How can you expect someone to identify what newspapers he or she read a few months ago?  It’s totally like asking someone what they ate for breakfast on September 3, 1998.  Or asking someone what commercials aired during Super Bowl XXV.  It’s just not fair.  It’s a “Gotcha” question aimed at bringing down a candidate who is more than apt to lead this country.  A real Joe Six Pack American.

Katie Couric — next time, be fair.  Ask her what her favorite beer is.  Ask her what type of weapon is best for shooting a moose in an aerial attack.  Ask her for her preferred brand of snowmobile.  Don’t ask her liberal elite questions like, “What newspapers do you read?”  Katie Couric — you are a snobby bitch!

And just for shits and giggles, watch this video:


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Daddy Issues

Governor Palin appeared yesterday in yet another interview with Katie Couric, attempting to explain her utter stupidity.  This time, she did not appear alone.  Chaperoned by Daddy Mac, Palin explained her response to a Tulane University student in Philadelphia — a response that was in line with the views of Senator Obama and criticized by Daddy Mac.  Wait, my bad.  Daddy Mac did the explaining, Palin just sat there pissing herself with her golden shower of stupidity.

So Palin’s stupidity was originally blamed on “sexism.”  Now the blame has been directed toward “Gotcha Journalism.”  I’m sure that Tulane student must be thinking, “Hot damn!  I’m a journalist?  WTF am I doing in school then?”

First of all, what the hell was Daddy Mac doing there anyways?  Poor little Palin can’t handle such an interview herself?  Does Daddy Mac need to feed her responses like an auditory teleprompter and follow with a “I’ll let her speak for herself” statement so that Palin can mimic like the pathetic mockingbird she is?

Second, “Gotcha Journalism?”  It’s a “Gotcha” question to ask Palin to explain the $700 billion bailout?  Is it an “I’m gonna get you” question to ask why Alaska’s proximity to Russia makes her qualified to handle foreign policy issues?  It’s unfair liberal “Gotcha” bias to ask her for examples of how Daddy Mac has supported economic regulation?

So, just to be fair to everyone who thinks that people are being too harsh on Governor Palin, here are my suggested questions to Gwen Ifil for Thursday’s debate:

1.  What is your name?

2.  Can you spell your name?

3.  How do you spell your name?

4.  Before you is a globe (yes, Governor Palin, the world is round).  Please take this pin and stick it in Alaska.

5.  Please take another pin and stick it in Russia.

6.  Please take another pin and stick it in the maritime border between Russia and Alaska.

7.  Is John McCain a Maverick or a Martyr?

8.  If you had to choose between an umbrella of job growth or an umbrella of unemployment, which would you choose?

9.  Are you a Washington outsider or insider?

10.  Please take a pin and identify where Washington, D.C. is on the globe.

11.  Are you ready or not ready to be Vice President of the United States?

12.  How do you load a double-barreled shotgun?

13.  Governor Palin, this might be an unfair question, but could you please spell “nuclear?”  And just one follow up question, what word did I ask you to spell?

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Palin is a Complete Moron: Part III

I’d like to say that this is the final installment of my series on the imbecile named Sarah Palin, but I’m sure that her stupidity will provide fodder for my blog for weeks to come.  In this installment, we reexamine Palin’s claim that the proximity of Russia to Alaska strengthens her foreign policy experience.

Here is why Palin believes that the geographic position of Russia enhances her foreign policy credentials (along with other juicy tidbits).

1.  Alaska has a very narrow maritime border “between” Russia and “between” Canada.

You’re an idiot.  You don’t share a border “between” a neighboring country.  You share a border with a neighboring country.  So under that logic, the potential foreign policy credentials of someone in Australia would be pretty limited.  I mean, I guess Papua New Guinea is kind of close . . .

My hubby sees the Department of Treasury outside his window.  Does that mean his economic policy credentials are enhanced?  Well, compared to Palin, I guess so!

And last I checked, Michigan is a rock’s skip away from Canada, both by land and by water.  You could row a blow-up boat across that canal.  So for all you Wolverines out there–you too can be VP!

2.  It’s funny that this comment was kind of made to cari-I don’t know.

Bitch needed Katie Couric to provide her with the word, “mock.”  ‘Nuff said.

3.  There are trade missions back and forth.

What trade “missions?”  Missions as in trading moose meat?  Were you involved?  Bitch please.  You’ve never even been to Russia.

4.  Putin will rear his head and come into the US airspace, and Alaska is right there.

Wow.  So, proximity to a country exhibiting a proclivity toward aggression thereby makes you more qualified to set foreign policy.  Holy shit.  We should totally move the White House to Alaska.  I mean, don’t we want to best enhance our position on foreign policy with Russia?

Next thing you know, Palin will start spewing one-liners about how the US needs to take out Russia because those damn Russians are witches.  Witches I say!!!

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Palin is a Complete Moron: Part II

Ok, so Sarah Palin might not have foreign policy experience (and does not even know what economic experience Johnny Mac has), but hey, she’s a governor, so she must be intelligent when it comes to economic issues, right?

Let’s assess Palin’s talking points on the economy.  Palin asserts that spending $700 billion on bailing out the financial institutions is more prudent than spending the $700 billion directly on American taxpayers because:

1.  It’s all about job creation.

2.  It’s about “shoring up our economy.”

3.  Trade is about opportunity and is not a competitive, scary thing.

4.  And my personal favorite:  reducing taxes has got to accompany tax reductions.

Well, add this to Palin’s other talking points, and she’s actually doubled up!  In just over a week, Palin has added the above 4 points to her previous repertoire of knowledge in which she proclaimed:

1.  I do not blink.

2.  I will defend America against those who are hell-bent on destroying America and its allies.

3.  I am a Washington outsider.

4.  John McCain is a Maverick.

Wow.  I’m so happy that this woman could become the leader of the free world.  Boy, I’m happy that I’m so stupid that it is entirely irrelevant to me that Palin was completely unable to articulate why the bailout will create jobs, or why the bailout is related to trade not being a “scary” thing.  I am a little confused, though, on why reducing taxes has got to accompany tax reductions.  Does that mean you’re going to reduce my taxes twice?  Praise the Lord!  My savior has come to rise my bank account from the depths of Satan’s grasp and into the heavens above.  Tell it to me Palin!  Save me from Obama, for I have now learned that he is a Muslim who is hell-bent on destroying Mother America and its allies!

Umm . . . yeah.  This bitch can’t even balance my checkbook.  Which, thanks to Dubya, has now gone down the shitter since my bank just collapsed.  I mean, Katie Couric, America’s sweetheart of morning “news,” thinks Palin is a moron.  All due respect to Couric, but just a few years ago, Couric spent her days reporting on how to best make an omelette and dry clean your clothes at home.  Now Couric is one-upping the GOP’s candidate for VP.  I think my niece knows more about the economy than Palin.  She’s a badass with identifying Leapfrog numbers on the refrigerator.

Palin-logic may apply to one of my goals in life:  Reducing stupidity has got to accompany stupidity reduction.  Governor Palin:  how does this apply to you?

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I Can’t Make This Up — Palin is a Complete Moron

Below is a clip from the interview Katie Couric conducted with Governor Palin.  I kid you not, I could not make this up:

“I’ll try to find ya some and I’ll bring them to ya.”

My head is about to burst with commentary.  I don’t even know where to begin.  What a salesperson for Johnny Mac.  I mean, imagine this woman trying to sell you a lemon.  She’ll tell you that this lemon is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  “This is a fantastic car!  It will be great for you!  Yay car!”  And if I then ask her what features of that car make it so great, she’ll respond with, “This is a fantastic car!  It will be great for you!  Yay car!”  If I push the issue, then, I suppose she’ll just say, “Why don’t you buy this car first, and then I’ll let ya know?”

Um . . . yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

This woman is an idiot.  For all the folks out there crying and moaning about how the liberal left is being sexist in attacking Palin:  listen up.  I attack Palin because she’s easy.  Not easy as in a whore (although the National Enquirer seems to think so), but easy as in so very easy to attack because she is so stupid.  I do not want her potentially leading this country, because I don’t want stupid people leading the country.  If that makes me elitist, then you must also be stupid.  I’m sure she’s a barrel of laughs at the shooting range.  I’m sure she can pound down tequila shots with the best of them.  That doesn’t mean that she’s equally qualified to command missiles or to direct such missiles to face certain parts of the world that will lead us into WWIII.  I’ve read about WWI and WWII (I wonder if Palin has . . .).  I personally would like to avoid WWIII.

The Palin pick has confirmed that Johnny Mac is completely out of his mind.  I mean, it’s obvious that the “Maverick” didn’t even bother to vet Palin.  I cannot imagine a country being led by someone who is out of his mind and about to die; with the second in command being a total and complete moron.  I hope Johnny Mac steps up to the plate tomorrow.  Although if he shows up, I’m sure that his pathetic performance will be blamed on the fact that he was “preoccupied with the economic situation.”  Pussy.


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