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DWTS — The Tragedy of the Group Hip Hop

Monday’s group hip hop routine was just laugh out loud hysterical.  I’ve watched it several times in glee — giggling at Lance’s faux-mullet, chuckling at that kid from Hannah Montana go left when he was supposed to go right, and downright falling over at that soap opera person’s pathetic half-step behind attempts to follow the crew.  If you’re not a fan of DWTS, I understand.  But this video is just hilarious:

Out of all the professional dancers, I have to say that Lacey kicked ass — which is no surprise given her tenure at SYTYCD.  Here are Lacey and Kameron dancing hip hop well (go to 2:30 for the good stuff).

And here are my favorite Lacey performances:

For years, I’ve had a secret dream of becoming a backup dancer for a major urban recording artist.  I realize that I have a bum knee; that I’m not flexible; that I am uncomfortable in skanky clothing; and that I just can’t really dance.  My resume would be slim, to say the least.  But if Sarah Palin can be VP, I can surely dance backup for Justin Timberlake.  Thank you Governor Palin for keeping my hope alive!


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Lancey’s Premier

Last night, we saw the premier of Lancey (aka Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer) on Dancing with the Stars.  For those of you who know me, you know that there was a point in my life in which I was obsessed with NSYNC–a point in my life that continues to this day.  In college, my equally obsessed roommates and I would schedule our lives around NSYNC TV appearances, while I would man the VCR remote to capture all the moments so we could watch the gyrating hip action on loop.  I recall the first time I watched NSYNC N the Mix.  At the time, I was skeptical.  I mean, what group could possibly compete with New Kids on the Block, the quintessential example of all that is pop goodness?  Then, my eyes landed upon this man–who you all know to be Mr. Snake in the Pants:

Yeah yeah.  Some of you might be saying–you liked THAT guy?  Because I watched N the Mix, and that dude had bleached blonde nasty hair!  To all of you mocking me, I need only point you to the picture above.  Like Tyra’s ability to pull out the model in small town girls, I saw the hotness in bleached blonde JT.

Anyways, this is not about JT.  Last night, it was Lance’s time to shine, and boy did he get a bomb-diggity partner!  As an avid fan of SYTYCD, I was ecstatic to hear that the show had reached out to the bombshell that is Lacey Schwimmer.  Below, I present to you their first live performance:

In watching this video, bear in mind that Lance was quite possibly the worst dancer in NSYNC–I mean, Chris had more hip action than Lance.  For a good example, see below at about minute 2:45.  In college, we dubbed this move by Lance, the “throll.”  Not quite a thrust.  Not quite a roll.  But good try Lancey.

So given Lance’s fabulous performance last night, I’m quite proud of him.  You go Lance!

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