RDJ: Salon’s Sexiest Man Living

I have to agree with Salon on this one.  While I do like me some Hugh Jackman (People’s pick), RDJ won my heart as Peter in Only You.  He also had one of the greatest monologues in movie history with his “Never go full retard” speech in Tropic Thunder.  And as for that whole cocaine and crack business?  Well, everybody makes mistakes.  But dude is still foine.  For the love of Fridays and RDJ, some pics for your viewing pleasure (and although I hate cigarettes, you can’t smell smoke through hot photographs):

RDJ is smoking . . . hot

RDJ Lounging

RDJ smoking hot again in Esquire



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One response to “RDJ: Salon’s Sexiest Man Living

  1. fi

    Thank you, for those, hot hot hot.

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